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Turned and milled parts

Automatic turned parts

Long turned parts

Short turned parts

Universal turned parts

Assembly parts

Punched and bent parts

We manufacture turned parts with complex geometries and milling work (cross holes and threads) according to your wishes and drawings.

Depending on the dimensions, in series of small, medium and large quantities.

Using cam-controlled and CNC-controlled machines, the highest product quality and precision are ensured.

Our range:

Long turned parts with diameters from 5mm to 22mm and a turning length of 180mm

CNC turned parts with diameters from mm to 60mm

CNC - Long-turning machines Diameters from 4mm to 22mm

Multi-spindle machines with diameters from 4mm to 28mm

CNC turning milling centers with diameters from 4mm to 65mm

We process: stainless steel, machining steel, brass, copper,

Aluminium, plastic


Bent parts made of tubes and solid material according to your dimensions, drawings or samples.

With our CNC pipe bending machines we are able to bend different geometries or pipe diameters from 4 to 90 mm and process them according to your specifications.


Our range:

Prototype construction, small, medium and large series, finishing, complex bent 3D parts,

Wire diameter from 2.0 – 16 mm,

Pipe diameters from 4 - 90 m

​Editing options:

Chamfering, embossing, welding, upsetting, bending, thread rolling, punching, reducing, flattening, recessing, knurling, doming, expanding


Stainless steel, steel C9D, bronze, copper, brass, aluminium

Industries: Construction industry, automotive supply industry, electrical industry, furniture industry, sanitary industry / fittings industry, lock industry,

Window and door industry, household appliance industry, mechanical engineering / plant engineering, wind energy and shipbuilding.

Hexagon screws, hexagon socket screws, carriage bolts, self-tapping screws, countersunk head screws, nuts, washers, split pins, threaded rods - all of this is included in our extensive DIN and standard parts range.

Rohr & Biegeteile


Our expertise also includes welding, calendaring, edging and bending profiles and pipes.

Professional craftsmanship meets innovation. With our state-of-the-art welding robots and our certified welding specialists, we offer our customers a wide range of welded metal parts and welded assemblies.

Specialisations: MIG/MAG and TIG

With the help of our servo-mechanical and hydraulic press brakes, we can bend exactly tou our customers specifications and manufacture within the tightest tolerances.

Our machines:

Drilling and tapping machines

Clous welding machines

Kemppi welding machines

Calender for bending sheet metal

Siegmund welding tables

Amob bar / profile and angle bending machine



With the most modern measurement and sorting technology, we can guarantee the highest quality requirements and ensure your specific requirements.

ISO 9001 certified

European production

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